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‘A Record Label based on a New Generation of Music’

About Lioncore Records

Lioncore Records has been founded by multi award winning music producer and director Indy Sagu. The company focuses on the digital development of music and technology. Specialist bespoke projects are taken on and conceptualized with clients who are looking for original and creative projects. We also work in the education sector, specifically teaching Digital Music production (DMP). The course structure is developed in its entirety by Indy Sagu who teaches some of the courses himself. The DMP course is linked with D.A.P.A. (Digital Arts Production Academy). This is not limited to music, and we focus on a wide range of creative fields including videos, music, tv,radio, online commercials and more. For a full list please see our services tab.

Creative Lion

Here at Lioncore Records we understand the differences between the creative side and business side of the project. The Creative Lion focusses on all things creative musically and visually. This allows us to focus and pay attention to all the finer details the clients are looking for from a creative point of view.

Business Core

While the Creative Lion takes care of all things creative, The Business Core allows us to work hand in hand with the creative side and the client so that we can implement the right ideas to ensure the project is completed successfully, covering all aspects of the business elements, including project breakdowns, realistic project timescales and successful implementation.


DA.P.A. (Digital Arts Production Academy) has been launched to give opportunities to individuals who have ambition to be involved in the creative field and to have the opportunity to work on professional projects. This is aimed also at undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates looking to gain professional experience and add to their portfolios.

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We provide a range of professional services in the creative fields. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Consultations – Our one one one professional consultation service looks at all aspects of your project to ensure a detailed plan is created to help implement and deliver the project successfully.

Bespoke project/concept design – We create a unique project design to ensure you stand out from the rest. Everything we do is original in concept and design.

Audio/Music production – Speak to us about your professional audio projects, whether it be music singles, albums, jingles, tv. We have over 17 years in professional service.

TeachingDigital Music Production (DMP) Workshops

Contract Work – Hire us to help complete a bespoke project from start to finish. We can help project manage the contract and ensure its successful delivery.

Video/Storyboarding – We can help create an original storyboard, video/visual project based on your requirements.

TV/Radio commercials – Talk to us about your project and commercial ideas and let us help you create an original piece of audio and visual work.

Mixing – If you already have an audio project, but it needs mixing, we provide a professional service in this sector.

DIgital Arts Production Academy


Digital Music Production (D.M.P.)

The Digital Music Production course (DMP) has been designed to give individuals the opportunity to learn DMP. Below is a breakdown of what the course structure looks like.

The course/workshops are created and designed by multi award winning music producer and director Indy Sagu. The creative structure allows students to be hands on with the software and hardware, it allows students to be independently creative and allows them to express their feelings and emotions through music and music creation/production.

The course allows students to have a free creative mind and create a musical journey that is personal to them, it allows them to understand a digital aspect of music that can be created entirely from a mobile source. A sense of fulfillment and achievement is reached as they hear their projects come to life through the tools available. The DMP course isn’t only designed to tap into their creative minds, it is also used as a powerful tool to give the students confidence within themselves and in life, it is another way for them to express their feelings, a blank musical canvas that creates a journey of their thoughts and emotions.

For more information on or how to book this course with your school/college/institute, please contact us.

  • The basic laws of Music Production.
  • Sound manipulation/design.
  • Audio editing.
  • Learning the basics of how to Compose a song,
  • Teaching how Midi is used and incorporated within the software.
  • An introduction to the inbuilt VST instruments and VST plugins.
  • A look into Equalization, gating, compressing and limiting.
  • An introduction into Beat patterns, beat making and advanced beat making.
  • Learning about Instrument recording and different techniques.
  • Learning how to use the software.
  • Sequencing music.
  • Principles of layering music with different sounds.
  • How to arrange and compose music from start to finish.
  • Teaching the basics of Scaling on a keyboard, Octaves, Major and Minor chord structures.
  • Recording Vocals and different techniques.
  • Mixing down compositions and tracks.
  • Work from a blank canvas and create your musical journey.
  • The creation of an original music piece/production composed entirely by you the students.

Hire Us

Professional Consulting and Production in all things Creative & Original.

Hire us for your creative project. Our services are created around you, the client and customer. Everything from inception is bespoke to specifications you give and will be completely original in concept for you and your project. With over 17 years in the professional music industry you can rest assured that the project will be original in design and creation. It will have a true artistic touch and will be professional yet unique to you the client and customer.